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 "Global Perspective's

 message resonates with

 my life-long overseas

 experience, which taught

 me what is required to

 succeed when crossing


 Robert Hunter Scarlett,


 Global Business: 308 Tips for   Taking Your Company Worldwide



Small world.  Big changes.

We bring it into focus.

Emerging economies represent the future in American business. But there's a problem.

Americans in general know little about the developing countries where they'll compete, collaborate and find future consumers of their products.  And the world knows it.

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Corporate Training

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Our seminars are different.  We describe the forces integrating the global economy, explain issues that impact your business, and provide practical tools for working across cultures.  With this foundation, your staff will be more motivated and empowered to embrace and execute your global strategy. 

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Your staff must develop a global mindset. 

We get them to do it.

  • Motivate staff to embrace cultural training
  • Build incentive to champion global strategy
  • Inspire staff to build a global mindset  



Working across cultures is a necessity.

We give you the tools.

  • Build productive cross-cultural teams
  • Maximize effectiveness of existing training and international business trips
  • Increase retention of international talent
  • Adapt to any culture anywhere in the world






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