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"Bob's message is timely, appropriate, and necessary for staying ahead of the curve.  I would highly recommend him if you’d like your business to thrive in the flatter world of the 21st Century."

                                                                   Michael Sunnarborg, Training and Development Manager, Target India


Bob Manning

Bob Manning is the founder and president of Global Perspective.  His 19 years of experience as an educator combined with creating and conducting customized seminars for multinational corporations gives him a unique perspective on training a 21st Century workforce. He has helped employees ranging from Fortune 50 to small and mid-sized organizations see the world from a different perspective, acquire the tools to work more effectively across cultures, and gain the mindset needed to be global leaders.  He has taught in the United States and overseas, including an American corporation's offshore facility in Bangalore, India. 

Mr. Manning holds a Masters in Teaching from the University of St. Thomas and a Bachelor of Science in Psychology from St. John’s University.  He has served on various boards including the Minnesota International Center, Business School Advisory Board for Rasmussen College, and is an active member of the Minnesota Alliance for Geographic Education based at Macalester College in St. Paul, Minnesota.  Manning is a certified Intercultural Development Inventory (IDI) consultant, able to administer and interpret the IDI.


Craig Storti

Craig Storti has over twenty-five years of experience training businessmen and women, diplomats, civil servants, and foreign aid workers in understanding and working effectively with people from other cultures and diverse backgrounds. As a trainer and consultant, Mr. Storti has advised Fortune 500 companies on international joint ventures and expat/repat issues, led cross-cultural workshops for international agencies and organizations on four continents, and assisted numerous corporations and government agencies to better manage global teams and a culturally diverse workforce.

Mr. Storti has also written a number of books, including Speaking of India:  Bridging the Communication Gap When Working With Indians, and Americans At Work:  A Guide to the Can-Do People.  He has also been published in a number of national magazines and major newspapers, including The Washington Post, The Los Angeles Times, and the Chicago Tribune. He has lived nearly a quarter of his life abroad and speaks French, Arabic, and Nepali.


Global Perspective’s purpose is to provide context and incentive to learn more about a world that has become more complex and is yielding connections to more people and places than ever before.


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