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The World Has Changed


Has your perspective changed with it?

The current phase of globalization has changed the world dramatically - maybe more than at any time since the Industrial Revolution. Thomas Friedmanís The World is Flat, and Fareed Zakaria's The Post American World, are two of many new books that have brought these changes into the public consciousness.  The industrialized world is meeting head-on with the talent and ambitions of those who make up the new emerging economies.

Having a global mindset is no longer optional.  In an integrated economy it is imperative that one understands the places and people with whom we are connected and develops the skills needed to work effectively with them.


A Paradigm Shift

By 2040 the U.S. will no longer be the world's largest economy.   Emerging economies, like India and China, have taken the world by storm and are set to become the largest economies in the world.  Many other countries in the developing world are now critical components of global supply chains and are also supplying talent for aging industrialized countries.   Understanding the issues, challenges and opportunites in this new era is critical for long term success.


The country you work with today may not be the one you work with tomorrow.

Since geographic advantages shift, organizations are often forced to move sourcing locations, and acquire new talent, from all over the globe.  This requires more than a quick study of the country one is working with today.  Navigating this new world requires context.  Building a global mindset and increasing one's intercultural competency is needed in order to adapt to any culture, anywhere in the world.

Those with a global perspective will be able to work effectively across national boundaries, no matter the location or cultures involved. 




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